bday pics + massage therapy starto!

Um yeah... so massage therapy conclusions. My left shoulder is quite screwed and the tension between my neck joining to my head is pretty bad. :"D So the thorough massage around my neck/jaws.... let's just say I was in tears laughing due to the pain.

Next session is tomorrow. Told my boss I'll be a bit late but he understands and wishes me the best lol.

lol anyways... some good old photos from my tiny bday party this year :"D

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I saved mum from cooking for my party, but pretty much doing it all myself beforehand :"D But thankfully tom came over and helped out last minute as I barely had enough time to shower and smash on some make-up before the guests came over hahah :"D ♥~ Michelle and Jess shouted me a haircut/dye session with Ernest XD lol... i love those two haha Dad bought me a new mouse as he knew I kinda... uh.. borrowed his long term when mine kept on dying.

With such a crappy few days, it was nice to be spoiled once in a while and hang with my family and not want to faceplant over random things.

Hope everyone is doing ok! <3

new hp4 trailer

it's at


it's quite good and hehe.. exciting! but srzly.. you would need ALOT of patience for it to work for you. =.="

it keeps on buffering ever 5 seconds or so, so ... yah. just a warning ya?

.... JUST SURVIVED 7HOURS OF TUITION! ... yay. *dies* xD i'm a survivor. boo yeah.

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more tired than usual.
Study is like totally being gay.
Gettin stalked on my msn space and now here.
= me: "... wtf??"

Also seriously, i've been getting alot of those dizzy spells, which is really starting to annoy me. =.=" *Eye twitches*

Anywayzz... 6 hours b4 maths tuition. .. yay.
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learn somethin new everyday ^^"

i didnt know lance bass did sephiroth's english voice!!


heh heh heh hahhahahah n*sync guy doing seph's voice. that is just goddamn plain amusing. *images seph singing, "bye bye bye"*


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i didnt know maaya sakamoto did Aerith's voice in kh!

lol i also didnt know the guy who did leon/squall's voice was the guy who played "Angel" in Buffy. *____* xD hahah loL! i'm so happy dat the really voice of aladdin, did well aladdin in kh and now in kh2! ^____^

Hahha just remember Billy zane as ansem. .. hahahaha sorry! ^^"
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